Community Development Programmes

The Group's social programmes aim to improve the quality of life of the people in the State. Sabah is developing rapidly and as such, the people need to be skillful, knowledgeable and resourceful to meet the challenging needs of development and globalisation. The broad spectrum of programmes offered by the Group shares a common goal in ensuring a balanced human capital development, particularly in the fields of education, skills training, entrepreneurship development, women's development and sociocultural development. Other programmes carried out are Community Development Programme, Yayasan Sabah Volunteers and Program Desa Cemerlang dan Berinovasi.

Community Development Programmes

Community Development Programme is an initiative to empower and rebrand the Zone offices' core programmes known as Intellectual and Mind Development, Sociocultural and Socioeconomic Development programmes. This is done by creating a focus group from all walks of life and areas in Sabah. The programme revolves around a lifelong learning concept.

Empowerment of current programmes, with the emphasis on value-for-money programmes will help in organising the best programmes that suit the focus group well. The programmes are organised with the cooperation of the State and Federal agencies, private sector, non-governmental organisations and fund providers which have their own strength in community development.

Community Development Programmes - Intellectual and Mind Development activities are channelled through three developmental levels starting from kindergarten and primary school, to secondary and tertiary education and lifelong education.

Through its Child Development Division and Zone offices, the Group provides expert consultancy and resources for pre-school education besides conducting educational talks and motivational seminars for youths, parents, women and small entrepreneurs.

The Group also carries out studies from time to time to evaluate the effectiveness of the programmes conducted, including assessment of students' achievements and public perception of the Yayasan Sabah's preschool in the rural areas.

Community Development Programmes - The Socioeconomic Development programmes aim at bringing changes to an individual from being in a state of dependency to self-reliance.

Programmes under the socioeconomic development are conducted by the Zone offices together with other government agencies and non-governmental organisations. It includes activities related to agriculture, fisheries, handicraft, homestay, branding and packaging of homemade products.

These programmes are designed to help the people gain value-added experience in securing job placement as well as the ability to create self-employment thus enabling economic growth.

Studies conducted under this programme aim to improve the income level and standard of living of the people concerned.

Among the studies that have been carried out under this programme include evaluation of the Women Development Fund, the distribution and marketing of the handicraft products in Sabah, the production of seaweed in Kg. Look Buton, Pulau Bum-Bum and its impact on the eradication of poverty in the local community besides the impact of the State Government's programme for the distribution of school uniforms to primary school students in Sabah.

Community Development Programmes - The Sociocultural Development programmes help to shape a person's way of thinking, moral values and self-esteem. In the broader context, such efforts help contribute towards not just in the physical and economic sense, but also in the spiritual and psychological aspects.

Programmes conducted include gotong-royong, sports carnival, breaking of fast during the month of Ramadan, blood donation drive, seminar as well as religious activities. These help foster religious, tolerant and a caring society.

Studies under the Sociocultural Development aim to develop and promote cultural activities. Among the studies that had been undertaken were the documentation of traditional costumes in Sabah, its market potential and ethnographic study of the Murut Community in Kg. Inarad, Tongod.

Yayasan Sabah Volunteers

The Yayasan Sabah Volunteers programme aims to disseminate the role of the Group through the creation of volunteers available to assist in the implementation of programmes as well as unequivocally bringing invaluable accurate facts and information to the public.

In addition, the establishment of the Yayasan Sabah Volunteers programme substantiates on improving the image of the Group among the people of Sabah through the implementation of various programmes capable of tackling the various problems faced by the people.

Not only does this initiative imbue a sense of volunteerism among this community of youth-run charitable contributions, it inevitably creates the spirit of comradeship between the Group and other agencies in the State, especially in community-based projects/programmes.

The programme is also an effort in strengthening the Zone conducted social programmes. The existence of a team of volunteers working in tandem with the Zone offices helps speed up the implementation process rate of all its programmes as well as aiding people during times of natural disasters while at the same time, being a catalyst for the Group's developmental activities among other agencies and individuals in the state.

Program Desa Cemerlang dan Berinovasi

Program Desa Cemerlang dan Berinovasi (PDCB) is one of the programmes under the Group's transformation initiatives (2013-2023). PDCB is a comprehensive rural development effort with an emphasis on the holistic development of human capital through the empowerment of the rural communities.

Six villages were adopted into this programme, namely, Kg. Pandasan, Kota Belud; Kg. Lambidan, Kuala Penyu; Kg. Singgaron Baru, Ranau; Kg. Sebait, Sandakan; Kg. Sinaron, Keningau and Kg. Lormalong, Kunak. To ensure the programmes are implemented successfully, the Group utilises internal resources optimally, collaborates with other government agencies and non-governmental organisations and develops local resources and human capital as well as creating new economic resources.


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